Envision Dennis Romano LLC

 Envision Dennis Romano LLC / Envisiondr.com is a full-service web design and digital marketing agency. We were founded in 2002.


Internet Business Marketing
Website Design & Development
Mobile Promotions and Games
E-commerce Logistics
Graphic Design
Branding and Visual Identity

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Email Marketing
Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Display Advertising
Public Relations

Business Analysis
eCommerce Logistics Consulting
Digital Strategy
Brand Identity
Campaign Strategy
Content Strategy and Copy Writing
Information Architecture
User Experience

Open Source CMS Web Content Management Software
Responsive Technology
Mobile Apps
Custom Development

The Market

The International Market

Internationally, the markets we serve are comprised of small and mid-sized enterprises. Our innovative approach to improving client market presence has allowed us to become the primary focus for companies seeking to maximize brand awareness and grow sales.

Currently, our offering covers a range of businesses that were estimated to have exceeded 750,000 organizations with estimated revenues that exceeded $31.9 billion.

Our creative approach to raising brand awareness and vast experience within e-commerce logistics sets us apart from most other marketing companies.

The results we produce are a compilation of marketing analytics and a creative platform. This provides our clients a cost-effective marketing program that easily adapts to changes within their business and competitive environment.


Envision Dennis Romano Spotlighted in Clutch’s Research of SEO Firms. In addition to Clutch Spotlight as one of the Top 100 Graphic Design Agencies for 2019, they were also featured as one of the: Top 100 New York Graphic Design Companies 2019; in The Manifest as one of the Top 100 SEO companies; and in Visual Objects as one of the Top Creative Agencies for 2019.


Our management team dedicates its skills and insights into uncovering data points that translate into successful strategies. 

Key Executives

 Dennis Romano

Strategist, Creative, Managing Director


Dennis Romano is an experienced and well-versed agency veteran.  After graduating from Parsons School of Design he began his career providing creative design and program management within brand-named organizations. He was also principal and president of Ambassador Marketing Group Inc., a leading integrated marketing, sales promotion and graphic design agency that served US and global clients.

He specializes in Internet marketing, primarily search engine optimization (SEO). Dennis was an early adapter to web design and search engine optimization. He was recognized by Microsoft as one of the top 30 search engine marketing specialists in the USA for affiliate marketing.

Dennis offers a very unique set of skills sets.  He provides extensive and hands-on experience in web design, search engine optimization, sales promotion, advertising, package design, public relations, marketing and graphic design.  It is rare today to find one person that can offer all these disciplines. 

Dennis’ will help you with:

  • Web Design, development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Graphic Design, Logo design, branding
  • Sales Promotion, Mobile SMS engagements
  • Social Media, PR, Product Positioning
  • Development of Collateral, Advertising
  • Public Relations, Events,
  • Trade Shows
  • Budgeting, Purchasing and Vendor Relations
  • Print production and Management
  • Omni Channel Marketing

John David "JD" Woods
VP, Digital and Business Strategy


JD is an experienced data marketer, having worked in the pharmaceutical marketing space before moving over to the B2B side.  He specializes in aligning marketing with business strategy, story creation, and personalized messaging.  He also manages our eCommerce Logistics practice, bringing many years of marketing and distribution operations experience to our clients and extending our client-first approach into the backroom.

  • Digital Marketing and Integration
  • Facilitated business and marketing alignment sessions (MBAs)
  • Buyer analysis and custom messaging development
  • Social media messaging and channel selection
  • Marketing automation integration and optimization
  • eCommerce Logistics Consulting

Campaign / outreach analytics and program adaptation