Virtual Scratch Off Games

Brand Gaming Cultivates True Customer Loyalty!

Virtual Scratch-Off Games Full The Air With Excitement!

Virtual Scratch-Off Games & Promotions for Brands



Retailers, Fast Food Restaurants, Hotel Chains, Beverage, Casinos, Sports Bars, Telecom,


Re-seller Sales Reps, Employee Incentive Programs


Promote Cross Selling and Up-selling
Increase Website Visits and In-store Foot Traffic
Increase Transaction Value
Elevates Repeat Purchases
Creates More Referrals on Social Media and Word-of-Mouth
Low Cost New Customer Acquisition
Enhances Website SEO

Integrate Instant Win Games with SMS mobile marketing engagements

  • Customers remember their excitement and rewarding experience with a brand when they win anything, big or small
  • Make each engagement with your brand a valuable and a positive experience for your customer

Tie-in Virtual Games with POS Systems

There are many different ways to make a customer qualify in order to play a game. One way is to reward them with an entry code printed on their cash register receipt.  Tie-in virtual games with point-of-sale systems, cash register receipts QR Codes, bar code; and in-store displays and signage.


Virtual Slot Machine Game
Virtual scratch off games and gamification

Game program support

  • Game and Program Planning, Creative, Production, Management and Administration
  • Theme Graphics for Web and Print Production
  • Printed Games Cards with randomized entree codes
  • Prize Validations
  • Campaign Statistics and Reporting
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Prize Fulfillment and Warehousing
  • In-Store and Out-of-Home Promo Graphics and Signage
  • Web Splash Pages, Microsites, Websites
  • Weekly Reporting

Loyalty Club Programs are an effective way to reach a consistent audience on a weekly basis

Brands turn to loyalty programs into a fun way to encourage repeat purchases, increase customer loyalty, and to reward, excite and entertain customers. Loyalty Clubs work well with both B2C and B2B partisipants.

According to Forrester, US business e-commerce is advancing towards $1.2 trillion by 2021

Loyalty Club sales promotion - Bucket Club Beer Promotion for Sports Bar

Loyalty Clubs accelerate
sales and brand loyalty

  • Expedites Acceptance of Online Ordering
  • Inspires Cross Selling and Upselling
  • Increases Website Visits and Foot Traffic
  • Enlarges Transaction Values
  • Elevates Repeat Purchases
  • Drives Referrals on Facebook, Twitter, Word-of-Mouth
  • Differentiates for New Customer Acquisition
  • Promotes Product Reviews
  • Enhances SEO

Customers love winning anything, especially while in the company of friends and family

A virtual scratch-off game or slot machine game is a great way to get customers to keep coming back to buy more stuff and a chance to win something again. Interactive sales games also produce free PR via social shares for even more foot traffic and excitement for brand gaming.

Mobile Coupons Drive Loyalty, Customer Engagement

Mobile coupons are set to surpass $91 billion by 2022 – that’s a lot of money and a lot of opportunities.

Virtual Scratch-Off Games Planners and Consultants

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