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Virtual Scratch-offs For Brand Gamification.  Use it to incentivize, reward, and increase customer and employee engagement, experiences, and demand generation.
Digital scratch-off campaigns for 5K – 2M+ game players.

Virtual Scratch Offs

Envision Scratch off Games
Envision scratch-offs work on all devices.

Scratch offs for consumers and employees.

Implementing scratch-offs for consumers and employees can be a creative way to engage and incentivize both groups. Here’s a tailored approach for each:

For Consumers:

  1. Promotional Campaigns:

    • Integrate virtual scratch-offs into your marketing campaigns.
    • Offer discounts, exclusive deals, or early access to new products as rewards.
  2. Product Launches:

    • Use scratch-offs to create buzz around new product launches.
    • Allow users to “scratch off” to reveal special launch promotions or limited-time offers.
  3. Loyalty Programs:

    • Reward loyal customers with virtual scratch-offs for reaching certain milestones or making repeat purchases.
    • Offer varying levels of discounts or exclusive items based on loyalty tiers.
  4. Seasonal or Holiday Promotions:

    • Implement scratch-off games during holidays or special occasions to boost sales.
    • Connect the scratch-off theme with the season or event for a festive touch.
  5. Referral Programs:

    • Encourage customers to refer friends by offering them scratch-off rewards for successful referrals.
    • Make the rewards enticing to motivate more referrals.

For Employees:

  1. Employee Recognition:

    • Recognize and reward employee achievements using virtual scratch-offs.
    • Acknowledge milestones, outstanding performance, or completion of training programs.
  2. Wellness Programs:

    • Use scratch-offs to promote employee wellness initiatives.
    • Reward healthy behaviors, such as regular exercise or participation in wellness activities.
  3. Training and Development:

    • Gamify training programs with scratch-offs to make learning more engaging.
    • Reward employees for completing training modules or acquiring new skills.
  4. Sales Incentives:

    • Boost sales motivation by implementing scratch-offs for achieving sales targets.
    • Offer monetary incentives, extra vacation days, or other appealing rewards.
  5. Employee Engagement Surveys:

    • Encourage employees to participate in engagement surveys with scratch-off incentives.
    • Use this as a tool to gather feedback and improve the work environment.
  6. Team Building Events:

    • Incorporate scratch-offs into team-building events or outings.
    • Reward teams for collaboration, creativity, or successful project completion.
  7. Service Anniversary Recognition:

    • Celebrate employee service anniversaries with scratch-offs.
    • Provide personalized rewards based on the years an employee has been with the company.
  8. Random Acts of Recognition:

    • Implement a system of random scratch-off rewards to surprise and motivate employees.
    • This can foster a positive and appreciative workplace culture.

Remember to tailor the rewards to the preferences and motivations of your audience, whether they are consumers or employees. Regularly assess the effectiveness of these initiatives and adjust them based on feedback and results.

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