Web Site Sales Funnel – The Buyer’s Journey

Web Site Sales Funnel – The Buyer’s Journey

Learn About Your Website Sales Funnel

by Dennis Romano

This is a web sites’ sales funnel from a digital agency perspective. 

A sales funnel is a visual metaphor for the journey taken by potential targeted customers as they move towards becoming customers.  Generally speaking, a website sales funnel can be divided into 4 steps, which differ depending on the your sales model.

Website Sales Funnel Content Management Services

A sales funnel is a visual metaphor for the path taken by a potential targeted customer as they move towards becoming a customer.

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Website Sales Funnel - Your Buyer's Journey

A sales funnel is a visual metaphor. It is the path website visitors, customers and potential customer take as they journey down your website's sales funnel.

Website visitors or mobile app users enter at the top of the funnel. At the end of the funnel is the where the conversion event or a purchase takes place. A great website will constantly feed the sales funnel..

4 Steps down the sales funnel

The sales funnel has four stages:

  1. Attract Targets – Brand Awareness
  2. Engage – Interest, Lead Generation
  3. Retention – Consideration, Decision, Intent
  4. Conversion – Action, Evaluation, Purchase

As website visitors move down toward the bottom of the sales funnel the time to close the sale decreases and the probability of the sale occurring increases.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Dennis Romano
Strategist, Creative Director



Social Media Marketing Agency

Social Media Marketing Agency

Using Social Media to Connect and Build People Connections 

Using an Agency for your Social Media Marketing is the best way to build connections with your customers. Social media works as long as it is authentic, personal, and data-driven.

Envision is a digital agency that provides Social Media Marketing as part of the marketing mix. Social Media is an important channel for online marketing communications.

We will find and grow your target audience.

As a social media agency, Envision’s social media campaigns will find and grow your target audience, and over time convert them into a tangible action.  The social media work we do is data-driven and tied by metrics and guided by key performance indicators. 

Creative content is the backbone of social media marketing.

Effective social media marketing backbone is creative content.  It has to be persuasive and resonate enough with your audience to build a community.  It should inspire social engagement, improve brand awareness, and drive business goals. We do this by creating engaging photos, animated GIFs, videos that humanize your brand.

Attracting new customers to your website.

Content marketing through social media is about attracting new and current customers to your website and social media landscape. Social media lead generation goal is to find new customers at the top of the sales funnel.

Our social content campaigns use a mix of social media, search marketing and content management. Envision first develops the content marketing strategy, then then executes by posting new content and infographics for your blogs, social networks and your website.


Contact Envision, a digital agency located in New Jersey USA.  We want to be your social media marketing agency in 2019.  We get results and grow business and brands. 


Humanize your B2B marketing content for buyers

Humanize your B2B marketing content for buyers

by John David “JD” Woods

We all do it. 

We sit down and try to add “What’s in it for me?” elements to our B2B marketing content and still end up with lists of services and features.

Why is that?  The simple fact is that you cannot write B2B marketing content to a person if you do not know who that person is and what makes them want to engage.

You’ve got to humanize your B2B marketing content.

An effective B2B program resolves problems for buyers with words, images, and videos, and increasingly describes how our organizations affect the environment.  White papers and infographics aren’t personal enough anymore, we need to create drama, we need to place our hero (our prospect) in peril and demonstrate how our products or services allow them to save themselves.  We need to entertain long enough to capture our buyer’s attention.

“You’ve got to assign demographic identities to your potential buyers and build a PROSPECT EXPERIENCE for them.”

Along with that, we need to state a purpose.  Most B2B buyers aren’t 100% on board yet, but the numbers are shifting.  We will soon need to give our customers a purpose they can align with – think fair trade, organic-only ingredients, work/life balance, children’s health and safety…

This is simply “doing business” on the B2C side and that expectation is headed our way.

The challenge is, you can’t create quality B2B marketing content or express your purpose in a way that people want to align with if you are trying to engage a type of business.  A paint factory can’t respond to value-charged experiences, but the people that work there can.  Therefore; to be effective, you’ve got to assign demographic identities to your buyers and build a prospect experience for them.  You need to write stories for them; you need to align your values with them.  Once you begin creating for a specific audience, for a human, you will find the feature lists deleting themselves, and see the important elements of your brand experience emerging.

This is just the first step for B2B marketing content.

Telling stories is nearly a thing of the past – we’re coming to the point where we will have the ability (and expectation) to give stories to our buyers, to provide the environment where they can co-create their own prospect experience.  If you want, you can read more about that here:  https://envisiondr.com/phygital/#.WsU5SH8h2po


John David

John David “JD” Woods
VP, Digital and Business Strategy

Envision Professional – eCommerce Logistics Consulting

Servicing Buyer 2.5 and beyond



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The marketing word of the moment is Phygital.

The marketing word of the moment is Phygital.

Phygital is about blending the physical and the digital into the phygital.

For more than a decade, we have watched buyers – indeed everyone, migrate from physical-first experiences toward digital-first experiences: from the mall to the eCommerce site, from the multiplex to Netflix and the couch.

Our reality; however, is that we are social beings, and we need physical places to go, physical experiences to share. To remain healthy we need to consume larger-than-screen experiences with friends and family.

Phygital describes a reverse migration from our current digital-first approach back toward physical experiences – digitally defined and enhanced physical experiences.

Think about your online profile preferences following you into a store, the “digital you” there by your side.

Think about that store lavishing you with layers of customized interactions (earn your favorite candy by solving puzzles/your reactions to an immersive adventure inform the favor profile of your perfect bottle of wine) all culminating on a roof garden where you can eat the fruit and candy from your custom basket and sip your perfect glass under a real moonrise.

The best marketing, right now, is about storytelling. As things get more phygital, it will be about story giving. Instead of describing value-charged moments to get your buyer’s attention, it will be about co-creating customized and value-charged moments that tie your customer to your brand with an emotional strength we can now only imagine.

Phygital is story giving.

Are you and your brand preparing to test the phygital waters?

John David

John David “JD” Woods
VP, Digital and Business Strategy

Envision Professional – eCommerce Logistics Consulting


Servicing Buyer 2.5 and beyond


Servicing Buyer 2.5 and beyond

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Quality Content Writing

Quality Content Writing

There is nothing as important as quality content writing.

Quality Content writing is how you engage with your visitors. It’s the difference between a blank page and engaging, energizing copy.

The words on a page may seem like an afterthought, but content is what helps your website gets hits, and what ensures those hits learn more about you.

Quality Content:

  • Boosts Search Rank – Search engines treat content as value, raising websites with high quality, unique writing up in search ranks and generating more traffic for the reader.
  • Builds Trust – Content shows your website is active and a leader in the field. It shows those that spend time on your site that you know what you’re doing, and can handle their needs.
  • Improves Conversions – Specific, targeted pages turn visitors into sales. Visitors of sites with a lot of content engage with the site for longer, and are more likely to become customers.

Content Writing Services

That’s why at our agency, we make sure to offer website content writing services for any industry we work with, both as a part of our website design work and for clients that are looking for help with their web marketing efforts.

We offer a variety of content creation and content management options for companies both large and small. A sample of our services include:

  • Web Content – We can populate all your main site pages with engaging, keyword driven writing.
  • Blogging – We’ll make sure that your website stays active, with regular and interesting blog posts.
  • Social Content – We can create social posts, as well as content that does well in social media sharing.


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