Improve Website Loading Time Speed on PC and Mobile

Improve Website Loading Time Speed on PC and Mobile

Improve Website Loading Time Speed on PC and Mobile Devices

Loading Time Speed on PC and Mobile Devices as well as Search engines are changing. When Google first created their algorithm, they prioritized things like keyword density and number of incoming links. But those proved to have little to do with the user experience.

So they switched to unique content and industry relevant back links. And it worked – the links became a more relevant for each search. But mobile phone and tablet use was on the rise, and they faced a new problem: websites that ranked well for content and back links didn’t always show up well in mobile/tablet browsers.
So they prioritized responsive designs, and it worked. Search results were more relevant on all browser types.

The New Critical Challenge: Website Speed Loading Times

Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, Yahoo and other search engines are faced with another problem. Their users have short attention spans. That means that they need to go through another algorithm change – one that prioritizes websites that load quickly, and gives higher results to websites with a high mobile speed score.

How to Test Your Website Speeds

The first step is to test your own website speed.
Right now, there are two great websites for testing load speed and mobile-friendly:

Enter your domain address at the sites below to see your results:


GT Matrix:


If you have a responsive website, you should score a 99 on for mobile friendliness.

But see what your scores are for mobile speed and desktop speed. If you’re like many companies, you’ll see that your score is simply too low. GT Matrix can provide you some feedback for why your website score is low, but this only represents part of the puzzle.

Improve Your Website Loading Time Speed at Envision Dennis Romano, LLC –

Here at Envision Dennis Romano, LLC –, optimizing websites is our specialty. If you need a few upgrades to improve your mobile website speed, we’ll make those upgrades in little time for an affordable price.

If there is something wrong with your website that makes increasing your mobile speed too difficult, we’ll work with you to create a new, responsive, fast loading website that is ready to start generating business and improving your search engine presence.

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