Social Media Marketing Agency

Social Media Marketing Agency

Using Social Media to Connect and Build People Connections 

Using an Agency for your Social Media Marketing is the best way to build connections with your customers. Social media works as long as it is authentic, personal, and data-driven.

Envision is a digital agency that provides Social Media Marketing as part of the marketing mix. Social Media is an important channel for online marketing communications.

We will find and grow your target audience.

As a social media agency, Envision’s social media campaigns will find and grow your target audience, and over time convert them into a tangible action.  The social media work we do is data-driven and tied by metrics and guided by key performance indicators. 

Creative content is the backbone of social media marketing.

Effective social media marketing backbone is creative content.  It has to be persuasive and resonate enough with your audience to build a community.  It should inspire social engagement, improve brand awareness, and drive business goals. We do this by creating engaging photos, animated GIFs, videos that humanize your brand.

Attracting new customers to your website.

Content marketing through social media is about attracting new and current customers to your website and social media landscape. Social media lead generation goal is to find new customers at the top of the sales funnel.

Our social content campaigns use a mix of social media, search marketing and content management. Envision first develops the content marketing strategy, then then executes by posting new content and infographics for your blogs, social networks and your website.


Contact Envision, a digital agency located in New Jersey USA.  We want to be your social media marketing agency in 2019.  We get results and grow business and brands.