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E-commerce logistics plans for startups, small businesses, and emerging B2Bs

At Envision, we aim to create the perfect brand experience. We know that E-commerce logistics isn’t the same s wholesale distribution – you aren’t just packing stuff into smaller boxes! 

There are many carriers that offer same day delivery in cities and this is what our customers should expect. With the right combination of picking strategies and inventory management, you will be able to turn fast fulfillment in your favor. 

Some of the benefits of integration E-commerce into logistics are –

  • Accounting efficiencies
  • Improved quoting accuracy
  • Increased sales

Logistics shouldn’t be a distraction but a tool to give you an edge.

Envision Professional – E-commerce logistics consulting.

Business, digital, content and ecommerce logistics services

At Envision, we aim to delight our clients by collaborating with your teams and designing the most effective supply chain strategy with reduce costs to enable top-line growth.  

E-commerce in logistics should be your edge instead of being a distraction.

We love working with new and evolving brands as we help them create operational strategies as well as with veteran organizations as we help them adapt operations to the constantly evolving landscape of E-commerce.

E-commerce logistics supply chain strategy and optimization

Since 2010, we are helping brands in growing their online presence by creating, integrating, and hosting engaging E-commerce websites. Our services in supply chain strategy and optimization include –

  • Selling through Amazon
  • Warehouse layout and design
  • Facility security and best practice auditing
  • Order picking and material handling strategy
  • Operations staffing – training, selection, and placement
  • Carrier selection and rate negotiation
  • Manufacturing optimization
E-commerce logistics - E-commerce logistics plans

“We collaborate with your teams to design the most effective supply chain strategy to reduce costs to enable top-line growth”, said John “JD” Woods,

Will E-commerce in logistics signal the end of home delivery?

As published by Forbes in their article “E-Commerce Success is Killing the Economics of Cheap Home Delivery”, it is looking more and more likely that E-commerce in logistics is the future. With the E-commerce shipment market blooming globally, the economics of single-parcel deliveries to private households are becoming unsustainable as the shipping costs are increasing.

Parts e-commerce logistics consultants - Envision

Even when autonomous vehicles and drones finally begin to make deliveries, they are thought to be more apt at delivering to central pick-up locations than zooming around the busy streets for private home drop-offs.

If you have any doubts or queries about this new technology, you can get in touch with our experts and clear them out. You can contact us at (732) 922-8800.

Do you need help with e-commerce logistics planning and strategies?

If you are interested in hiring our e-commerce logistics consulting services please give us a call at (732) 922-8800 or click the “Contact” button.

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E-commerce Logistics

At Envision, we aim to create the perfect brand experience. We know that Ecommerce logistics isn’t the same s wholesale distribution – you aren’t just packing stuff into smaller boxes!

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