Free Mock-up Offer of Your New Website


If you’re looking for a new website, we would like to make you an offer hard to pass up.
We will design a custom design of your new website for Free, before we agree on anything.
If you like it, great, we will move forward to work together and plan out your new site/
If you do not like it, no hard feelings or further obligations. Life goes on.


With over 24 years of experience understanding clients’ needs we are confident you will flip head-over-heels over our design that we will design a free custom mock-up of your new website before you agree or pay anything.

If you like our new custom design, we can then move forward to work together. If you are not pleased there are no hard feelings, we will part friends and there will be no further obligations on both our parts.

Custom Website Design - RWD site developement

Here is how it works…

Step 1. Fill Out Contact Form

The process starts when you fill out our contact form on this page. You will receive a response email within one business day requesting a scheduled call to learn more about your specific needs. We’ll need to have a phone call together to get a broad stroke sense of your web project in order to be able to give you a proper quote.

Step 2. Probing Call

Our phone call will take around 20 minutes or less. We will ask you a series of questions to determine your goals, key requirements, timeline, and any other considerations that will help us determine the scope of your web project.

Step 3. You Will Receive Our Proposal

We will email you a web proposal for your web project. It will include a complete list of services we will provide, website features, a timeline and your project cost.

If you accept the proposal, then we will move forward with your Free Mock-up Offer. At this point the proposal has not been signed-off on and no invoice has been generated for your project.

Step 4. We Will Send a Website Q&A

We will send you a questionnaire with a series of questions to get a sense of the vision you have for the new website and your online presence.

Step 5. Discovery Process

We will then review the content of the Website Q&A together on a Discovery Call. We will gather all your information and feedback, ask questions, and then clarify your vision for the site and define its success.

Step 6. Your Free Mock-up is a Go.

After answering all our questions, we will then have a free Mock-up of the homepage and an inner page of your new website created within 5 business days.

This free mock-up is a preliminary draft and the creative direction for the entire site. We will work together to revise the design if necessary.

If you love the mock-up move on to Step 7a;

If it doesn’t meet your expectations skip Step 7a and move on to Step 7b.

Step 7. Sign-off Our Proposal

7a. You love the mock-up and want to move ahead.

The mock-up is perfect and you want to move forward in working together, you will sign the proposal with the same terms outlined in the proposal and email it back to us.

7b. No Sorry Guys, Happy Trails to you until we meet again.

If the mock-up is not quite what you had in mind, then there is no obligation, no hard feelings and you do not owe us anything.

The only specific stipulation is that you would have no legal right to our mock-up design we made for you and you could not use it for your website without full compensation to us.


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