Customizable Digital Scratch-off Cards - use for an Unlimited Number of Virtual Scratch-Off Cards, Prize Offers, and Players.

Gamification Scratch-Off Games For Business

Virtual Scratch-Off Cards Generator


Make Gamification Scratch-off Campaigns, or We'll Do It All For You.

Priiize Scratch-Off Games is an ideal solution for companies looking to deploy and manage scratch-off games themselves or those who prefer Envision do everything for you. Either way, it is very economical and cost-effective.

Add multiple scratch-off win cards, create your own designs, upload your own images, edit text and expiration dates, and set the winning odds per card, and link games to your website.

Make edits on the fly and in real-time from anywhere on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

For brand gaming gamification worldwide.

Digital scratch-off cards are custom branded and used in mobile marketing campaigns by retailersPriiize digital scratch-off cards are custom branded and used in mobile marketing gamification by retailers, packaged goods, restaurants, transportation, hospitality, beauty care, services, casinos, sports, bars, events, entertainment venues, and banks.

Colleges and universities use Priiize digital scratch-off cards to build databases of new applicants.Colleges and universities use Priiize Gamification Scratch-off Cards to build databases of new applicants. They do so by offering prizes such as first-year free tuition and instant-win swag prizes in exchange to opt-in email and mobile texting marketing. They also use QR codes for visitors to play and win bonuses on mobile phones while on-premise for school tours.

Wholesalers, Distribution Centers, and Corporations use Priiize for sales rewards

Wholesalers, Distribution Centers, and Corporations use Priiize for gamification sales rewards, employee recognition programs, trades show traffic building, and corporate sponsored events.

Virtual scratch-off games increase customer engagements, and…

    • Website traffic
    • Store foot traffic
    • Trade Show Booth foot traffic
    • Sales volumes
    • Build brand awareness and loyalty

New, Gamification for Personal Gift Giving! Baby Shower Scratch Offs – use to give to fellow-workers at office parties for baby showers,  birthdays, and wedding gift giving occasions.

Increase customer engagement with mobile scratch-off coupons
Instant-Win Games at point of purchase are used to drive up sales revenues and customer engagements.
The Ultimate Customer Engagement Tool - Digital Coupons Scratch-Off Cards
"Colleges and universities use scratch-offs to build databases of new applicants by offering first-year free tuition and instant-win swag prizes in exchange to opt-in email and mobile texting marketing."
Gamification Scratch-off Cards for Car Dealers and Car Loan Financiers
"Gamification Scratch-off Cards for Car Dealers and Car Loan Financiers."

The gamification possibilities and applications are endless.

Make custom scratch off coupons

Drive foot-traffic to your retail establishment, and online shoppers to your website.

Do-It-Yourself Basic Scratch-Offs. Make them fast, and easily.

Priiize is an economical and easy-to-use solution for do-it-yourself marketers. It uses a template system to help you build and manage your scratch-off campaigns.

Gamification for Business Scratch-Off Games Software 1
This virtual scratch-off card was made by a graphic designer who created a round prize image and scratch-off dot, and an excellent color background image. Priiize offers free background images or uses your own. Create a link to your CRM landing page or website to collect winners' contact data.
CRM webform submissions using Happy Shopper playing Priiize Scratch-off game for winners

Link your scratch-off game to a landing page on your CRM program or a website page with a web form. Have players register to redeem and receive their prize, or to play the game, or sign up to receive newsletters, future promotions, or any other remarketing criteria to build your database of new customers.

Sports Bar Mobile Scratch-Off Game - Online Generator
jackpot scratch-off game with an animated gif prize image to add excitement for customer engagements
This Super-Jackpot Scratch & Win game uses a Priiize background image (free download) and the graphic designer created a round prize image as an animated gif to produce the "WINNER!" flashing text colors.
Virtual Scratch-Off Card Template by
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Helpful Information:

Controlled Gamification Environments:

Use eGift Cards to Fulfill Digital Prizes Electronically.

Social-distancing and working from home have added new challenges going to market remotely.

Businesses have discovered using digitally delivered prizes by email and text messages an excellent choice to sustain business and revenues using Priiize Virtual Scratch-Off Cards.

Our customers are successfully using Priiize Scratch-Off Games to reward donors, customers, students, and staff online during their person-to-person teleconferences, virtual sales meetings, tours, lessons, demonstrations, and to reward donors who meet their pledges.

If you need suggestions on execution, or how to set-up and implement a game feel free to contact us. We are here to help, and give you 100% support every step of the way.

Call (732)922-8800 – Dennis Romano

Use eGift Cards to Fulfill Digital Prizes Electronically
Use eGift Cards available from top brands such as Amazon, Visa, and American Express to Fulfill Digital Prizes Electronically by Email or Text Messaging.

Scratch-Offs Claim Form – create a gateway on your website and or CRM software program to collect winner’s names, phone numbers, and email addresses by linking to popular CRM and website email programs such as MailChimp, ConstantContact, Salesforce, Hubspot, Insightly, SendInBlue, Pipedrive, and Freshworks to name a few.

Use Priiize Scratch-off Gamification for Fundraising

Use the custom hyperlink to link to your gateway CRM landing page for donations.

Raise money for your nonprofit charity using Priiize Scratch-Off Gamification to reward donors
Use the custom hyperlink to link to your gateway CRM landing page for donations.


The value of to me lies in its simplicity – the ability for non-technical small business owners like me to create something that might otherwise take hundreds of dollars to set up and hundreds more each time I want to tweak it

Charles Tan,

The value of to me lies in its simplicity - Charles Tan, 99kyats


Priiize is simple to set-up and use, cost-effective, and has unprecedented product and marketing support. Kudos to Priiize for setting up a much-needed solution in the COVID-19 business climate for businesses that can be executed immediately.

Cindy Paglia
Apag International Inc.

Priiize is simple to set-up and use, cost-effective, and has unprecedented product and marketing support. Kudos to Dennis Romano.

Gamification Price List

  • 1 Campaign – Free – Limited Time Offer
  • 1 Campaign $15/mo
  • 3 Campaigns $24/mo
  • 100 Campaigns – Agency Bundle $375/mo

Stripe Checkout – All major credit cards accepted – 37 International Currencies. 100% money-back guarantee.

Try Free

Stripe Checkout - All major credit cards accepted. 100% money-back guarantee.

Each Priiize Gamification Campaign Includes:

  • Unlimited scratch-off cards for each campaign
  • Unlimited Number of Game Plays for each campaign
  • Unlimited Number of Game Players for each campaign
  • Unlimited Number of Prizes for each campaign
  • Customize with your logo
  • Customizable Text
  • Customizable expiration dates

Other Scratch-off Card Services Available:

Customization of Scratch-off Games and Campaigns are available including custom programming such as registration forms to play, redemption and validation steps, systems integration, theme graphics, campaign management and monitoring, prize shipping and handling, fulfillment, and more.

The possibilities are endless, so please ask! – Request for more information on the contact form below.

Play this virtual scratch-off game for free.

You May Be a Winner!

A gold coin will appear and make a scratching sound-effect with each stroke of your finger or mouse cursor to reveal your prize.

Priiize is a fun way to serve coupons, be used in promotions where everyone’s a winner of something, and for human-to-human sales traffic-building programs like for giveaways at trade show booths. Priiize is not to be used with high-value awards because it does not have a validation system. The only way to have record validations is to include a UPC on your prize images so that they can be scanned in your POS system, or have humans monitor it.

Envision Also Provides Custom Scratch-Off Game Design, Programming, Theme Graphics, Campaign Management and Prize Fulfilment.

Custom Virtual Scratch-Off Cards and Other Types of Gamification for Business. 

Design & development Services
by Envision

This is an ideal solution for mid-size to enterprise brands looking for scratch-off games with unique features, systems integration, and validation method.

Scratch-Off Gamification Design, Development, Execution and Campaign Management.

Envision can do everything from start to finish from program development, campaign design, monitoring and managing prize inventory and fulfillment. 

Clients ask to be involved in managing their winner prize inventory, and have the ability to turn scratch-off games on, pause, and off during slow and busy periods. This is an easy accommodation. 

If you wish to have a hand in managing your scratch-off game campaign, or want total control then we are an excellent solution. Our admin dashboard is very straightforward, easy to use, and also provides you the control to make text edits, change prizes, expiration dates, and review prize inventories.

Scratch-off Game Rewards.

Scratch-off games is used to reward customers with coupons, special offers, gift-with-purchase offers, and free prizes. Branded scratch-off games are widely used all over the world by retailers, casinos, sports bars and sport half-time events, fast food restaurants, hospitality chains, entertainment venues and many more.

custom scratch-off games by envision - brochure download
Brochure (download) Custom Scratch-Off Games by Envision

Ways retailers promote their scratch-off games to drive foot traffic in-stores and website traffic online.

BootHut Hot Sale Scratch-Off Game Demo

Websites, Social Posts, Email

Promote game on your website - link by UPC, text links and image links.

Tags, Shelf-talkers, Cards

Hang Tag - Promote scratch-off game game on signage using QR code to scan and play

In store Signage, windows

Gamification for Business Scratch-Off Games Software 2

Lanyards, Tshirts, Tattoos

Have staff promote QR code on neck lanyards

Redemption & Validation

Present mobile phone screen at Checkout for visual validation

By Validation code, QR code, barcode

By validation code, QR code, bar code, Pin Code and other methods

Present mobile phone screen

Custom Gamification Development for Business

Ask Envision about their custom scratch-off brand gaming promotions
Gamification for Business Scratch-Off Games Software 3
Envision designs and develops virtual scratch-off games for top brands.
Virtual Scratch-Off Generator - Priiize
Gamification for Business Scratch-Off Games Software 4
Gamification for Business Scratch-Off Games Software 5

Gamification custom programming and graphic design rate is $56 per hour.

Custom Development - Request more information.


Boost Your Customer Engagement with Gamification Scratch-Off Coupons & Promotions for Business

Scratch Off Gamification for mobile marketing
Customer engagement using Scratch Off Coupon Games increases customer engagements.

Holiday Data: New consumer search trends to know this shopping season

By Think With Google

  • Deal seekers trend sees massive growth
  • Ideas and inspiration expand to other holidays
  • Gifting became even more personal, unique, and DIY
  • ​Consumers need brands to help cut through the clutter​

Retail spending is higher than ever, with people spending a record-breaking $853 billion last year. And marketers are surely hoping for another healthy holiday shopping season. But with so many brands and products competing for people’s attention and dollars, it’s critical for marketers to engage shoppers in key decision-making moments. To help you understand how to better reach shoppers, here’s a look at the latest shopping search trends. – Read more.

Scratch-Off Games Hit Big Jackpot – Retailers Go Wild Q4
Make DIY scratch-off coupons like you see coupons for Bed Bath and Beyond, JCPenney, Michaels, Kohl's, Hobby Lobby, Macy's, and Ulta.

Custom Scratch-off Games for your mobile marketing.

We also provide turn-key programs from managed planning, graphics, programming, game implementation, campaign promotion and advertising, monitoring, reporting, and prize management and fulfillment.

Gamification for Business Scratch-Off Games Software 6
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