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Scratch-Off Cards Generator

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Gamification: Priiize comes with two digital scratch-off gamification templates
Gamification: Priiize comes with two digital scratch-off gamification templates

Gamification for Business

Used for Customer Engagements - Winning Valuable Coupons and Free Giveaways!

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Custom Games, and Games to Do-It-Yourself.

Coupon & Prize Gamification


Custom-built to your specifications.

Creative and fun scratch-off games are an ideal solution for mobile marketing gamification promotions. Our coupon scratch-offs make ordinary coupons exciting for customers to play and win on, and adds excitement for purchasers. It works in-store at point-of-purchase, and online too.

Our scratch-off games work on all Apple and Droid smartphones as well as tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Envision can custom design scratch-off games for your brand. Our engineers will work with your staff to integrate a game with your point-of-sale software system, and website.

The Ultimate Customer Engagement Tool - Digital Coupons Scratch-Off Cards
The Ultimate Customer Engagement Tool - Digital Coupon Scratch-Off Cards
Priiize Scratch-Off Games is an ideal solution for creating scratch-off games online.
Made with the do-it-yourself scratch-off card template using a graphic designer to create an image background, prize images in a circle background, and matching scratch-off dot.


Do-It-Yourself Basic Scratch-Off Cards.

Make Your Own with Priiize, Scratch-Off Cards using Online Templates.

We also offer Priiize, a virtual scratch-off card generator online. It is an economical gamification solution for do-it-yourself marketers. Priiize uses a template system to help you build and manage your scratch-off campaigns in minutes.

Scratch-off cards make realistic scratch-off sound with every play.

Unlimited prize offers, players and scratchers with each campaign.

Use to Generate Traffic To Your Trade Show Booths!

Use the basic digital scratch-off card templates for Trade Show Traffic Building Programs.

Create customer engagement and new selling opportunities. Get buyers and potential new customers to visit your trade show booth to play and pick up their free winning scratch-off prize while creating an opportunity to build new relationships and show off your new product line.

Create a scratch-off campaign with multiple different prizes, discounts on first orders, free shipping offers, special bundle deals, or anything you dream of.

Make Scratch-Off Cards for Trade Show Booth Traffic Building Programs
Made with the do-it-yourself scratch-off card template using full-color background, an uploaded prize image and stock scratch-off spot.

Make Scratch-Off Cards Free.

Priiize Special Features

Basic Scratch-Off Cards Generator: No setup fees, web-based-dashboard, multiple offers (unlimited) for each campaign; free unique game link and QR code are automatically generated for each campaign.

Unlimited number of prizes

Unlimited Number of Prizes

Add unlimited number of prize offers allowed for each campaign.

Unlimited number of players

Unlimited Number of Players

Priiize Scratch-off games have no limits for the number of players for each campaign.

Admin panel and editing tools areis user friendly

User Friendly Dashboard

The admin panel is easy to use, customization is simple, and changes are go live instantly

Gamification Users

Digital Gamification Scratch-off Cards for Business Try Free 14-days 2


Digital scratch-off cards are used in mobile marketing by online and brick-and mortar retailers, restaurants, transportation, hospitality, beauty care, service businesses, auto dealers, casinos, sports, bars, events, and entertainment venues among others.

Institution use digital scratch-off cards


Banks, financial lending institutions, colleges and universities use digital scratch-off games to build databases of potential new leads to re-market to. Government agencies use use scratch-off games at events and conferences, and employee programs.

Wholesalers, Distribution Centers, and Corporations


Wholesalers, Distribution Centers, and Corporations use digital scratch-off cards for sales rewards, employee recognition awards, safety programs, attendance programs, trades show traffic building campaigns, and corporate sponsored events.

Priiize is a fun way to serve coupons, and free giveaways where everyone’s a winner and validation is not needed.

Simply display a UPC on your prize images so they can be scanned by a POS, use a Promo Code that ties-in with your website shopping cart,  or validate prizes manually by a store employee.

Gamification For Business - Digital Scratch-Off Cards Generator

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Scratch-off Generator - use Priiize scratch-off games generator for your mobile marketing.

We also provide turn-key programs from managed planning, graphics, programming, game implementation, campaign promotion and advertising, monitoring, reporting, and prize management and fulfillment.

Exuberant shopper winning a 50% off coupon while shopping in-store.
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