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Ecommerce Logistics for Small Business

Creating the perfect brand experience.

eCommerce Logistics is not the same as store and wholesale distribution –
you’re not just packing into a smaller box!

Many carriers now offer same day delivery in major cities – and that’s what our customers are being taught to expect. With the right combination of inventory management and picking strategies, you can turn fast fulfillllment into an advantage.

eCommerce supply chain strategy and optimization:

  • Warehouse layout and design
  • Order picking and material handling strategy
  • Operations staffing – selection, training, and placement
  • Facility security and best practice auditing
  • Carrier selection and rate negotiation
  • Manufacturing optimization
  • Selling through Amazon
  • 3PL assessment, selection, and audit

eCommerce system selection, configuration, and integration:

 Logistics should be your edge – not a distraction.

Envision Professional helps you delight your customers, collaborating with your team to design the most effective supply chain strategy, reduce costs, and enable top-line growth.  Logistics should be your edge – not a distraction.

We work with new and evolving brands to create their operational strategy, and help veteran organizations adapt operations to the constantly evolving eCommerce landscape. Professional – eCommerce Logistics Consulting

Since 2001, Envision has been helping brands grow their online presence by creating, integrating, and hosting the most engaging eCommerce websites.

With our eCommerce Logistics Consulting Practice, we take all of that know-how with us into the backroom and help you engineer the perfect brand experience for your customer” –  John David “JD” Woods, VP, Digital and Business Strategy,

John David

John David "JD" Woods
VP, Digital and Business Strategy



JD is an experienced data marketer, having worked in the pharmaceutical marketing space before moving over to the B2B side.  He specializes in aligning marketing with business strategy, story creation, and personalized messaging.  He also manages our eCommerce Logistics practice, bringing many years of marketing and distribution operations experience to our clients and extending our client-first approach into the backroom.

JD will help you with:

  • Digital Marketing and Integration
  • Facilitated business and marketing alignment sessions (MBAs)
  • Buyer analysis and custom messaging development
  • Social media messaging and channel selection
  • Marketing automation integration and optimization
  • eCommerce Logistics Consulting

Campaign / outreach analytics and program adaptation

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