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Businesses who use social media as a marketing channel understand that social media forms part of their online and offline communication mix. Social media is not always about the volume of relationships but rather the quality of the connections.

Twitter and LinkedIn, are used extensively and successfully by businesses to promote their services, build relationships and share expertise. It is a great channel for exposure and brand awareness.

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Good Results.

Business is all about relationships. And as you are aware, relationships are built slowly over time. Using social media to provide the right information and current content to the right audience is critical.

Creating interesting content such as videos, photos, or writing, helps educate your audience on the inner workings of your company. It can be used to showcase your products or services in a broader context; and tell your brand’s story in different ways.

Reduced costs.

B2B companies use social media to reduce the costs of customer acquisition, relationship building and low-cost content promotion.

Social media engagements produce results over the longer term unlike B2C purchases, impulse buying is not the norm. Business-to-business buyers typically act when they need something such as business equipment, supplies or anything manufactured. 


Buyers in your network: When the time is right, your business and products will be top-of-mind when buyers in your social groups and networks are looking to make a purchase.  If you are contemplating hiring a social media marketing agency please consider Envision Dennis Romano.


Social media engagements produce results over the longer term


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