93% of all B2B buying decisions start online.

2 out of 100 buyers who visit your website will make a sales inquiry.

If only 2 buyers make a sales inquiry what is concerning the other 98 buyers who left your site without contacting you?

You have no way of even knowing who was in your website unless they contact you. And most businesses will research 6-9 vendors before making an inquiry. * If they are in your website then they are in your competitors’ sites too.

98 out of 100 of visitors who visit a website exit without making any contact. On average, buyers will visit 6-7 websites before making a purchasing decision.  We have the growth-driven lead forensic technology that captures the data of every visitor in your website. Now see who the “other 98%” are in your website. See who was in there and didn’t make a sales inquiry. Cherry pick the good ones, contact them, overcome any concerns or objections to save a sale and make a new customer.

Open up your website Sales Funnel and look inside.

See who the “other 98” of buyers were in your website. 

Use this growth-driven lead generation technology to capture the data of every visitor in your website. See who was in your site and did not make a sales inquiry as well as the ones that did. 

See who the "other 98%" of buyers were in your website using forensic tracking technology. Tap into pre-qualified sales leads generated from within your own website.

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Sample of a top-level Visitors Report.

Identify website visitors:

  • Company
  • Name
  • Title
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Street Address

Strike while the iron is hot with B2B buyers in the process of making purchasing decisions and picking new vendors.

Forensic tracking technology identifies the visitors in your website. There are more than you are even aware of. Everyone who tries the free trial is surprised by the sheer number of companies they did not know were reviewing their company products and/or services. 

Make new relationships to expand your clients and prospects base.

Business is all about relationships. Make new relationships with Engineers, MRO, Plant and Procurement Managers, and Research and Development Professionals who were interested enough to research your company site for something they are looking to buy.

Trusted by 11,000 B2B companies worldwide.

See for yourself with a 30-day free trial of lead forensics website tracking for your website. It will show you all the companies who were in your website. Data shows key personnel by name, email address, phone number and more.

Review your leads and have your sales force contact the “other 98%”. Watch your sales grow while building new business relationships for future orders.  This works as stand-alone and also  integrates well with Salesforce® and all other CRM programs.

Receive unlimited free support and guidance on how to use the tools and how to close more sales. We want your business to grow.

Low price. high returns on investment.

Price is based on the amount of traffic in your website. It is very affordable especially if you do not have much traffic in your site.

Request a free trial.

*Data & Marketing Association – also known as the DMA, is a trade organization for marketers.

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93% of all B2B buying decisions now start online.