Persona Targeting:
Guide for Small Business Marketing

Persona Targeting:
Guide for Small Business Marketing

The self-educating B2B 2.0 buyer has moved on.

By John “JD” Woods

Your organization’s online presence was once a checkmark in a box.  Your website and digital outreach established your credibility by simply existing.  Over time, you realized that your buyers wanted more than a digital billboard and email advertisements.

You began to publish educational content about your products and services and used that content capture the attention of online shoppers so you could transition them to your human sales or service team.  These teams added the value of human interaction to those transactions and hopefully converted the deal.

2000-2018: You adapted to B2B Buyer 2.0 – the self-educator.

The B2B buyer has now evolved past a desire for generic, product-based materials.The web is packed with white papers and tip sheets explaining why a certain type of product or service will best satisfy their needs.  They are overwhelmed – and they are bored.

2019: It’s time to start humanizing your digital brand for B2B Buyer 2.5.

The current iteration of digital B2B buyer wants to be part of your story, to share your organization’s larger mission or impact.  They want to be engaged with personalized, value-charged content that justifies the investment of their time – to take a journey with you.

They want a more human online experience. Using your existing digital channels, B2B Marketing Services Group will help personalize your content, create great stories that celebrate the human side of your business, and get those stories in front of potential buyers who will respond to them.

Increase Engagements.

Align Marketing Efforts with Business StrategyWe will help you change the perception of digital marketing from a necessary but opaque expense into a strategic activity with tools that help align and focus efforts and spend on the most pressing business needs.

Dig into Buyer Segmentation and Research – This is part nobody wants to do! We love it.  We will work with your sales and operations teams to identify your current and ideal buyer-types and build out profiles for each that allow you to more granularity understand how to engage with them.

Generate Engaging Stories.

Generate Great Stories – We will help you stop telling people about products and services.Together, our teams will include buyers in adventures that involve your organization, it’s products, and it’s services. We will help you write value-charged content that creates lasting memories for your potential buyers.

Refine Story Placement – Once we know who your buyers are, we can more accurately place content where they can find and engage with it. We will promote your stories on the digital channels where your buyers live.

Human Engagement Engine.

Customize your Website Design and SEO – Your website will no longer be a static billboard or research library. It will become a human engagement engine. Envision will help you design and serve custom experiences for your buyer types and, depending on the level of marketing automation integration, for individual buyers.  Your website will also support a deeper buyer journey allowing the user to go farther into the shopping/designing experience with options to customize and experiment.

Focus, Learn, Adapt.

Focus on Buyer Engagement  – Your marketing automation outreach will no longer be an extended ad or promotional campaign. It will serve content that reminds your audience that they are missing out on being part of your story. Promotions and reminders will make it easier for them to participate.

Learn and Adapt – In the end, the success of a marketing program comes down to meeting established goals. If those goals align with business objectives;for example,increasing participation from a segment more inclined to buy a specific service, then the program must be designed to capture and report those results. Our web analytics offering can be configured to do just that.

When we’re done, you will be ready to engage B2B Buyer 2.5 – the self-service business buyer

What’s next is now here.

We think that the next evolution of digital marketing, enabled by the Internet of things, will be a turn back toward shared physical experiences and more human interactions – augmented by technology.  Marketers will no longer just tell great stories; they will invite the buyer into their physical world and co-create value-charged memories with them.

We are planning everyday to be a part of this next and exciting phase of buyer interaction, and hope you are, too.

For more information on Professional – B2B Marketing Services and the B2B Buyer 2.5 please contact John David “JD” Woods VP, Digital and Business Strategy.



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John David

John David "JD" Woods
VP, Digital and Business Strategy



JD is an experienced data marketer, having worked in the pharmaceutical marketing space before moving over to the B2B side.  He specializes in aligning marketing with business strategy, story creation, and personalized messaging.  He also manages our eCommerce Logistics practice, bringing many years of marketing and distribution operations experience to our clients and extending our client-first approach into the backroom.

JD will help you with:

  • Facilitated business and marketing alignment sessions (MBAs)
  • Buyer analysis and custom messaging development
  • Social media messaging and channel selection
  • Marketing automation integration and optimization
  • eCommerce Logistics Consulting

Campaign / outreach analytics and program adaptation

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