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Pay Per Click – A huge boon for the business industry.

Pay Per Click marketing or PPC is a model that allows marketers to pay only when their ads are clicked by online users. Popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo have made PPC advertising available on an auction basis. Social media PPC has also made great strides.

*Pay Per Click visitors are 50% more likely to purchase a product than organic visitors

  • Pay Per Click Advertising is fast
  • It can be as simple as flicking a switch
  • You can target the right people in the right place at the right place
  • It goes hand-in-hand with SEO
  • Only pay when an online user actually sees your content

PPC can work wonders in remarketing

Platforms like Google AdWords and Microsoft Advertising give you the ability to create an audience of users who have visited your website already. We will help you come up with compelling, tailored ads that target such audiences. We aim to get you the users who have visited your website but haven’t bought anything to return and make purchases.

Try implementing PPC and watch your business grow by multiple folds

PPC and B2B Awareness

If your company offers services in which the sales cycles are measured in weeks or months instead of minutes, then PPC can help a great deal with visibility and helping you acquire high-quality users. With us, you will be given total freedom to control the ads a new user sees and the content they are exposed to.

Does PPC land you more visitors or is it just a myth?

Earlier, people had doubts about PPC but as reported by *Forbes, PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase a product than organic visitors. By getting research done, you will be able to refine your audience targeting. This will not just boost relevant traffic but it will also help you climb up the search results.

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Fee for service, no agency commissions. All size budgets are welcome.

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