Scratch Off Cards Demos & Best Use Cases.

Make Beautiful Customer and Employee Rewards, Engagements, Experiences, and Demand Generation Scratch-Off Games.

best use cases - scratch offs for business

  • Use scratch-offs to reward employees, salespeople, customers, customer demand generation, employee and customer experiences, and engagements.
  • Increase store foot traffic and website inbound traffic, and increase tradeshow traffic.
  • Improve revenues, and boost brand awareness.

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  • Create Your Own Scratch Offs – Online Scratch It Templates.
  • A straightforward solution for business gamification.

Suggested Priiize Templates For Business Gamification.

There are numerous different combinations of options for building Priiize scratch-off campaigns. That is what makes Priiize so good. Here are a few ways customers are using templates and options.

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Employee Scratch-Offs are an easy, fun, and enriching experience and engagement strategy.

Employee Scratch-Offs are an easy, fun, and highly rewarding experience and engagement strategy.

“I get requests from company sales and marketing professionals and event planners asking what the best Priiize scratch-off games templates to use for tradeshows are. Here are the top three scenarios.”

“Retail professionals use scratch-off games for customer demand generation campaigns to build brand recognition, loyalty, and revenues. Here are some of the ways they do it.”

“Sports Stadium Promotions Scratch-off Games for sports fans’ appreciation and demand generation campaigns. Build fan loyalty,  brand recognition, and revenues, and increase sponsor’s promotions. Here are some of the ways they do it.”

New! Digital Scratch Card Fundraising Scratch-Off Games. Here are four fundraising scenarios using Priiize Scratch-offs to increase donations while having fun.

Scratch Card Fundraisers & Raffle Tickets

New! Digital Raffle Tickets Scratch-Off Games. Here are two raffle fundraising scenarios that will increase donations and have fun using Priiize Virtual Scratch-offs.

Priiize Scratch-off Games are excellent for driving traffic to supermarkets, convenience stores, and bodegas.  Learn how the Scratch & Win + Opt-In + Claim Form Template works to your advantage.

Prizes include discounts on car repair services and cash payouts.

Priiize is trusted by top brands worldwide

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Create Engagements & Experiences for Employee & Customer Rewards.

Benefits of Using Gamification in Your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Demand Generation – Nurturing high-quality leads

Auto Dealer Scratch-off Game

Gamification Stats:

By 2025, as much as 75% of the global workforce will consist of millennials who love and embrace playing games. (Forbes)

Gamification in Operations

  • Business gamification is one of the best ways to boost employees’ commitment and motivation. (Forbes)
  • 89% of employees think they would be more productive at work if it were more game-like (TalentLMS).
  • 88% of respondents say gamification makes them happier at work (TalentLMS).
  • 78% of respondents think companies would be more desirable if they gamified their recruitment process (TalentLMS).
  • 72% of employees said that gamification motivates them to work harder (Review 42)

Sales & Product Gamification

  • Companies that use gamification enjoy up to 7X higher conversion rates. (Source:
  • Gamifying your website can boost browsing time by up to 30%. (Optimonster)
  • Using gamification can help a company increase customer interactions by up to 40%. (Forbes)
  • Texas bank Extraco tested a gamified process that taught clients about its offers and benefits, which led to a rise in conversion rate from 2% to 14% and raised customer acquisitions by 700% (TotalRetail; Mordor Intelligence).
  • Upon leveraging gamification, Software company Autodesk lifted its trail usage rate by 40% and conversion rates by 15% (Mordor Intelligence).
  • Clothing company Moosejaw implemented a gamified system that increased sales by 76%, made its social media impressions skyrocket to 240,000, and generated an ROI of 560% (eBridge Connections).