Drive Growth in a Mobile-First World


Drive Growth in a Mobile-First World

Mobile Website Design

Websites have one predominant strategy: they need to build brand trust, generate business, and, feature a thoroughly engaging branded look. Website Design - Envision Web Design

Times are changing. No longer are potential customers glued to their desktop computer or laptop, searching the web furiously to find information. Now, more and more people search using a variety of different smartphones and tablets of all shapes and sizes, and hoping to find that information quickly.

To account for this change in search habits, all websites need to be converted to what’s known as “responsive web design” – website design that is optimized for the platform used to view it.

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Our Responsive Web Design Services

With a responsive website, the visitor will see a different version of the site depending on whether they view it on a Smartphone, Tablet, or PC.

Truck website design and development in WordPress CMS and Responsive RWD created by Envision Creative - Digital Agency, Ocean NJ 07712

Responsive websites are able to adapt to the size of the browser, and can be customized with special features or capabilities depending on where they are viewed – for example, those that visit on mobile can see a website that has a clickable phone number at the top of the site. Responsive website design is important not only for the visitor experience, but also for search engines. Google will drop you in search rankings in mobile search if your website is not responsive. Those that draw a lot of their traffic through cell phones and tablets depend on responsive web designs to keep their search engine rank. Envision Creative is the leader in responsive web design services. We can make any website ready for mobile, or make a website from scratch that is ready for any type of screen and display.

Doctor practice website design and development in WordPress CMS and Responsive RWD created by Envision Creative Digital Agency, Ocean NJ 07712

Our mobile responsive websites are:

  • Mobile Strategy Optimized – We don’t just create a mobile ready website. We make sure that your website is ready for best practices in mobile strategy, optimized to convert visitors and increase engagement.
  • Aesthetically Focused – You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics. With a well-designed responsive website, your website will look beautiful in any size screen, created with a graphic designer’s eye and web designer’s attention to detail.
  • CMS Ready – easy to edit content

We’ll make sure that your responsive web design continues to professionally represent your brand, and adapt to all of the different technologies available. If you’re interested in learning more about our responsive web design services, contact Envision Creative today at 732-922-8800 or by email. We’re happy to tell you more about our process, or provide you with our low, no obligation quotes. Related: Web-Based App Design


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