Scratch Off Games and  Promotions.

Scratch Off Prize & Coupon Promotions for Brands.

Integrate with your SMS marketing engagements with
Rub-off Cards, Scratch & Win Games and Gamification.

Prize give-a-ways, Coupon distribution and Traffic Building Brand Promotions for Customers and Guests. 

Virtual Scratch off cards on mobile Gamification

Promotion Support Services:

Program Design, Creative, Development and Execution for Mobile and Print Support Engagements.

Campaign Creative, Production


Campaign Reporting

Social Media Ads and PR Campaigns

In-store and Out-of-Home Promotional Graphics and Signage.

Splash Page, Microsite and Website Promotional Support

for SMS and MMS Engagements

scratch-off games for casino liquor promotions

Scratch-off Games,
Rub-off Cards,
Scratch & Win Games
and Gamification for


Sports Bars

Alcohol and Beverage  


Retail and Food

… among others.


Customer Loyalty Promotions.

Customer Acquisitions and Special Offers exclusively to frequent shopper and loyalty club programs such as exclusive coupon offers, sales promotions and special events.

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Prices and Plans