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Supermarket Scratch Offs for Consumer Promotions.

Scratch cards are the ultimate sales promotion business tool for supermarkets, bodegas, and convenience stores.
They are used for customer Giveaways, Rewards, Engagements, Experiences, and Demand Generation.

Supermarket Scratch Offs

Exciting Supermarket Scratch Off Card Promotion Ideas.

Supermarket Scratch-Off Demo #1.

‘Scratch & Win + Opt-in + Claim’ Game.

Use Game Code 1234 to play the live demo.

You can also scan this QR Code to play on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

QR Code - Scratch Offs for Business - Priiize Scratch Offs

Supermarket Scratch-Off Demo #2.

Uses the ‘Scratch & Win’ Card.

QR Code to play scratch-off game demo - Priiize Scratch Offs

Supermarket Scratch-Off Demo #3.

Uses the ‘Scratch & Win + Claim’ Card.

QR Code to play scratch-off game demo - Priiize Scratch Offs

Supermarket Scratch-Off Demo #4.

Uses the ‘Scratch & Win + Opt-in’ Card.

QR Code to play scratch-off game demo - Priiize Scratch Offs

Mechanics of the Supermarket Scratch Off Game Demo #1.

Using the Scratch & Win + Opt-In + Claim Forms.

There are many different ways to construct game mechanics. This supermarket game is one way can do it.

Give each player your supermarket game's QR Code or URL along with their 1x-use Game Access Code

Post the QR Code to play your game off in-store banners, signage, computer monitors, kiosks, weekly circulars, banner ads, store windows, transit signage, etc.


(1) The customer scans QR Code on Game Play Access Card. They are brought to this first Game Screen and enter their unique 1x-Use Game Play Code to play. If they don’t have a code, they cannot play. The code is suitable for one scratch-off play. They click the “Play” button after entering the code.


(2) The scratch-off game appears, and they scratch off the “Scratch Here” pad.


(3) After the scratch-off, the prize is displayed. If the winner does not submit their prize claim by the date shown below the prize image, they forfeit their prize. If the reveal is a “Loser” reveal, there is no prize claim form to fill out.


(4) Prize Claim Form – the winner enters their contact information and clicks the “Claim Prize” button.


(5) Prize Claim is either approved or denied determined by you, or if they did not submit the claim form by the expiration date. After a prize is approved, the winner receives a Prize Claim Email Notifier (example below).

It will have your unique Prize Promo Code, which your employee enters into the POS System to approve and let the winner redeem their prize. They can enter the prize Promo Code from this screen or the prize claim email notifier.

One idea is to give supermarket customers a 1x-Use Game Access Code To Play After Each Time They Make a Purchase.

OPTION 1 – use cards

Play Card
*1x-Use Game Play Access Card - given to shoppers at checkout whenever they spend $25 or more.

OPTION 2 – use cash register receipts.

cash reg receipt retail
Print QR Code and Game-Play Access Code on each cash register receipt - award to shoppers at checkout whenever they spend $25 or more.

OPTION 3 – use text messaging.

SMS Game Code
Deliver Game-Play Access Code and URL link via text message.

Winner’s ‘Prize Claim’ Email Notifier

Prize Claim Email
Prize Claim Email Notifier. Your unique Prize Promo Code is displayed to cross reference on POS System for prize redemption and validation.

Program Mechanics - Supermarket Scratch off Game

Using a Scratch-off Card with Opt-In + Claim Forms that captures player's data.

The Supermarket creates Prize Promo Codes for each prize and uploads them on their POS System and Priiize dashboard. As prizes deplete, the respective prize promo code is removed from Priiize’s prize inventory and the Store POS System until they run out.

Create 1x-Use Game Play Access Codes. They are needed for players to play the game. Preprinted cards with the 1x-Use Access Code and the game’s QR Code are to be held in the cash register drawer and given to customers after a purchase of $20 or more for a chance to play the game.

Using a 1x-Use Game Play Access Code will prevent fraud.

Prize Redemption takes place at the Supermarket courtesy desk. Each prize claim is issued an email notifier that displays the prize and Prize Promo Code.

The cashier types in the Prize Promo Code as proof of customers receiving their award and integrates it on the Store POS System as the prize being won and redeemed. No one else can redeem a prize multiple times using the same Prize Promo Code.

Promote scratch-off game on Supermarket in-store signage and kiosks, CCTVs, print ads, weekly circulars, TV advertising, email blasts, and SMS text messages.


Scratch-off cards for the retail food industry have many exciting rewards. 

They satisfy a natural desire to win things for free, increase supermarket foot traffic and online sales, boost brand attention, are exciting, fun, rewarding, and can go viral on social media. 

  • Use scratch-its during government paycheck weeks and holiday promotions, especially Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Black Friday.
  • Generate an unbelievable amount of traffic at existing and new store openings.
  • Use games on social media as direct-to-consumer marketing to increase foot traffic.
  • Encourages repeat business and floor traffic.
  • Promote supermarket coupons, discounts & barcodes under the scratch-off pad to reveal spots.
  • Create more sales on off-peak days and times.
  • Increase your client acquisition database.
  • Incorporate store employee sales incentives.
  • Create fun games with customers and employee appreciation days.

Information about Priiize digital scratch-offs:

Ordering Details:

  • Quantity: No minimum. We will create 20,000 scratch-off cards. If you need more than that, we can accommodate up to 5,000,000 scratch-off cards. Let us know, and we will discuss it with you.
  • Size: Our digital scratch-it cards display beautifully on all mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.
  • Prizes: Set as text, graphically designed custom images, and add barcodes.
  • Any number of prize versions is allowed.
  • There is no charge for generating and downloading acquisition data.
  • Supply unique access codes and prize promo codes if desired on any game.
  • Priiize supports any language.
  • Campaigns go live on and off whenever you want in real-time.
  • It guaranteed global distribution.
  • No charge for data aquisition.
  • There is no charge for multiple prize versions.
  • No charge for opt-in forms.
  • There is no charge for prize claim forms.
  • There is no charge for custom scratch-off pads and prize image shapes.
  • There are no rush charges.

Supermarket marketing strategy - boost sales and traffic for the retail industry with digital scratch-it cards.

Demand Generation: brand awareness, interest, and revenues amongst your shoppers.

Your supermarket advertising, marketing, and sales promotion pipelines must work together to generate foot traffic and demand for your supermarket or bodega goods.

Build an effective marketing strategy.

  • Collect intent data to locate more in-market buyers.
  • Increase your supermarket web presence and authority with high-quality written content and promotions for scratch-it games.
  • Reach out to key decision-makers with relevant game content and prizes on weekly circulars, print advertising, online ads, SMS text messages, and email blasts.
  • Use automation software and Webhooks to nurture campaigns and help streamline shoppers’ workflow.
  • Develop niche promotion targeting campaigns with paid advertising and in-store signage and kiosks.
  • Build an eligible target account list that perfectly fits your target audience.
  • Use digital scratch-it games to lure new and existing customers into your stores.
  • Engage employees to participate in promoting your games at check-out.
  • Track, monitor, and measure scratch-off game efforts to determine conversion rates, additional revenue, and customer lifetime value.

Understand your customer’s needs and how to serve and retain them better.

  • Effective messaging to potential customers will ensure success and sustainability. Engage your customers with scratch-off promotions.
  • Supermarket scratch-off contests drive sales and increase brand awareness!
  • Consumer scratch-off contests are fun, engaging, rewarding, and cost-efficient, producing results immediately.
  • Use Scratch-it cards for joyful holiday contests, new store grand opening promotions, brand awareness campaigns, and to help increase revenues.  
  • Custom scratch-off tickets prompt customers to purchase products on shelves as no other promotion can.
  • It increases supermarket brand loyalty and awareness and creates a positive experience for shoppers, thus increasing customer loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.  

best use cases - scratch offs for business


Envision Scratch-off Cards & Games.
Virtual Scratch-offs for Employee and Customer Rewards, Engagements, and Experiences.
Environmentally Friendly.