About Web-based Apps and Why You Want Them.


It’s Simple.

  • Web-based Apps are considerably lower in costs.
  • Data is accessible on all mobile devices and desktop computers.
  • There is no physical software to download, install, update or manage.

Web-based App?

A cloud-based web application is any application (App) that uses the web as the interface for the ‘front-end’. Users access your business app from a mobile device. It uses a standard browser for easy online account management, instead of an application that has to be installed on local computers.

First, Web-based Apps Are Very Cost effective.

With a cloud-based app, users access the platform via a uniform environment—the web browser. There are now ways to develop one app that works and displays properly on both IOS and Android and eliminate building two separate apps.

Second, Let’s Talk About Accessibility.

Unlike traditional applications installed on computers, cloud-based web apps are accessible anytime, anywhere, via an Internet connection on all devices including laptops and desktop computers. Apps work in basically all environments.

Third, They Are Easy to Use and Customize.

The user interface of cloud-based web apps is easy use and customize making it much better than in computer applications. One of the benefits is it easier to update the design, look and feel of a web application, and the way content is displayed to different user groups and Internet devices.

Fourth, Better Operability.

Using internet technologies makes it possible to achieve better interoperability between applications than with isolated desktop systems and software applications to communicate, exchange data, and use the information that has been exchanged. For example, it is much easier to integrate a cloud-based inventory management app/system than it is to get two proprietary systems to talk to each other. Web-based architecture makes it possible to rapidly integrate systems, improving work-flow, management and other business processes.

Fifth, They Are Easy To Install and Maintain.

Installation and maintenance becomes less complicated with a mobile app. Once a new version or upgrade is installed on the app host server, all users can access it straight away with no hassles or interference. There is no need to upgrade each employee’s computer. Upgrades and maintenance are more predictable and reliable and do not require IT or computer technicians to install on every computer.

Sixth, Increased Performance.

Increasing processor capacity also becomes a simple task. If an application requires more power in order to perform tasks, only the app server hardware needs to be upgraded. The capacity of web-based software can easily be increased by what is referred to as ‘clustering’, or running the software on several servers simultaneously. As workload increases or decreases, additional servers can be added or eliminated.

Seventh, They Are On Secure Servers.

Cloud-based web applications are typically deployed on dedicated or managed cloud servers. These servers are monitored and maintained by dedicated server administrators. This is more effective than monitoring client computers, as is the case with new desktop applications.

In Conclusion…

Cloud-based applications are:

  • Better than applications installed on computers.
  • Streamlines and saves a lot of administration work.
  • More useful and easier to access for users.
  • Easy for users to install and use.
  • No more installations and configurations on every work station or laptop
  • Easy to maintain and keep secure.
  • Data is accessible on multiple devices.
  • No physical software to download, install, update or manage.
  • Productivity remains high.
  • Scalable – easily adapts to growth and can be scaled back at any time.
  • Web based applications are considerably lower in costs.
  • Deploying web-based applications to end users is very easy.

If you’d like to find out more about web-based apps and how they can benefit your organization, please contact us.

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