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Accelerate your growth.

Business-to-Consumer Web Design needs to keep pace with the growing expectations of savvy online customers. It also needs to be Responsive to keep up technical pace with customers viewing B2C websites on mobile phones.

CMS Web Content Management – Digital Marketing Platform.

To grow business online you should have a CMS website. CMS allows businesses harness the power to engage and convert their target audience and retain customers. We develop B2C sites in a CMS Content Management and on Responsive Website Platform for clients mobile-first strategy. With it, your marketing team can create and manage content, and track customer website engagement and analytics.  We also provide expert-level search engine optimization

User Experience and Ease of Use Are Key Factors in Marketing Direct to Consumer.

HubSpot’s research showed that almost 80% of customers feel that the most important factor in a B2C web design is ease of use. Consumers want to feel as though the website makes it easy to find what they’re looking for. A site that is confusing to find what buyers are searching for is a sure way to lose customers forever.

Interior decorator web design by Dennis Romano, Envision Dennis Romano, LLC - www.envisiondr.com

Timeless Decor, Best In Bergen 2018 Readers Choice Awards – Website design by Envisiondr.com

Responsive Web Design.

The user experience solution for customers viewing B2C sites on mobile devices is having a Responsive website developed. Responsive websites eliminate the risk of losing website traffic due to poor search results and slow loading times resulting in loss of sales as users become frustrated and go elsewhere to buy.

B2C Promotions.

Mobile SMS messaging with digital Scratch-off games, Coupons and Gamification along with social media marketing to connect with customers is an important aspect in driving traffic to a business-to-consumer website.

Promotion: Traffic Building, Loyalty & Award Programs - Mobile Coupons, Gamifications, Incentives by Dennis Romano, Envision Dennis Romano, LLC - www.envisiondr.com

We provide Mobile SMS scratch off games and coupon promotions
for retail, food, liquor and telecommunications companies.

Marketing should include a reason to ‘buy now’. Promotions using coupons for a discount off or something free with purchase work great.  Other promotions can be scratch-off games to win an instant discount off a purchase.

Opt-In Forms to Build a Digital Client Base.

The B2C site should also include an ‘opt-in’ form for customers to receive promotional offers via email and SMS text messages. Your customer opt-in list is like ‘gold’ and should be closely guarded. Cost of client acquisition for some B2C’s can be very high. This opt-in list is your path to future repeat sales that will offset the costs of client acquisition and start generating profits.


Promotion: Coupons - sent to customers via SMS text message, emails and social networks.

Death By Chocolate SMS coupon promotion.

Envisiondr.com websites are search engine optimized to help maximize your visibility on Google and other leading search engines.

Web Analytics:

View website traffic and behavior of visitors on Google Analytics. Find out where leads are coming from and what documents they are viewing, downloading and searching for on your website.


B2C Website Design - Timeless Decor Interior Design, www.timeless-decor.com - Website, Logo, Search Engine Optimization by Envisiondr.com
B2C Website Design - Willow Pilates - www.willowpilates.net - Website Designed by Dennis Romano, Envisiondr.com
B2C Website Design - Willow Pilates - www.willowpilates.net - Website Designed by Dennis Romano, Envisiondr.com



Our vision is to provide every client with web design that is rich in product information, maximizes their online presence, and generates quality inbound leads.  Your web design should increase revenues and continue to grow business long after the website is launched.


Envision's team of strategic thinkers, content creators, graphic designers, innovative SEO specialists and programmers are fully integrated with the one common goal. That common goal is to provide clients the best marketing solutions that meet your mission and exceed goals.


Each web design is relatively unique. Some focus on a single measurement criterion, and others on larger number of goals. The crucial take on success is that our web design meets or exceeds your defined set of measurement criteria for your website.

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