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Search Engine Optimization should generate more than just website traffic. It has to generate more business and new customers too.


A Guide to Search Engine Optimization” – PDF Download

Envision offers businesses a complete array of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions. Our search engine digital strategies consistently prove to be successful at helping businesses win more customers and grow their online presence.


Why SEO is so important for your Business Internet Marketing Strategy.

Search engine optimization is an art and a science. The goal is to have your web site rank high in search engines results.  “Search” is one way people discover content online. Ranking higher in search engines results will naturally lead to increased traffic to a website.

8 SEO Steps which provide
A road map to online success.

SEO - (flow chart) - Search engine optimization is the biggest integral slice of online marketing.

Envision Dennis Romano specializes in organic natural search. We use a proven strategy consisting of 8 Steps which provide a road map to online success. 

Guide for SEO

A Guide to Search Engine Optimization

by Dennis Romano, SEO Strategist


Business website search engine optimization is the biggest integral slice of online marketing. Basically, search is the primary way that users navigate the Internet. Approximately 54% of the population around the globe are accessing the Internet.  There are now more than 4 billion people around the world using the internet. Internet Live Stats, an excellent source for Internet statistics, posts that there are around 5.5 billion searches done on Google per day or over 63,000 search queries done per second.

Organic Natural Search.

Traffic that comes from search engines is known as “natural” or “organic” traffic. Organic traffic accounts for a very large portion of total traffic across the web.

How it works.

Search results are presented in an ordered list, usually ten results per page. The higher up on that top-ten list a site can get, the more traffic a site will receive. The goal is to have your site listed in the first position on page one search results. The first search result on the page can expect 40%-60% of the clicks.  Only 2-3% of users click beyond the first page of search results. The obvious conclusion is to try and rank on page one in search engine results.

Why it works.

That is where search engine optimization comes in to play. Businesses and website owners try to manipulate the organic search results so that their site shows up number 1 or as high as possible on the search results page (referred to as SERP). As a result, search results at the top of the page will beat their competitors at getting more clicks. More clicks equal more sales. Making sales from these clicks is referred to as conversions.

Why is search engine optimization important to e-commerce?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is critical to the success of all e-commerce websites.

Here are the reasons why

First, the answer to why E-Commerce Websites Need SEO is simple. They need it to get more customers to maximize e-commerce profitability.

Organic Search is a top source of Revenues

Organic search will rank as one of your top sources of revenue. For many e-commerce businesses, Google search results drives the majority share of profits-generating website traffic.

Search Engine Optimization Definition

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a marketing discipline. It focuses on growing online visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO is required to improve search engine rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines.

There are many aspects to SEO, from;
1. finding the search terms and keyword phrases that generate the best traffic to your website;
2. creating the right content (words) on your page to;
3. having other sites link to you on the web;
4. making sure your website is structured in a way that search engines can understand;
5. preparing image file sizes at a resolution that will load fast on mobile devices;
6. creating Metadata (page title, description and excerpt) describing exactly what the page is about, and in a limited number of character spaces for search engines to index.

SEO isn’t just about building search engine-friendly websites. It is about making your site better for humans too. At Envision Dennis Romano we believe these principles go hand-in-hand. Ramp up your Search Engine Optimization. We are here to help your business succeed.  

A Guide To Search Engine Optimization by Dennis Romano, SEO Strategist


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2019 Clutch Recognition Awards for Envision Dennis Romano LLC of Ocean NJ USARecognition

Search Engine Optimization – Envision Dennis Romano was Spotlighted in Clutch’s Research of SEO Firms and featured in The Manifest as one of the Top 100 SEO companies in America for 2019.

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