Small Business Web Design for Industry.

A Guide for Small Business Web Design

Websites can no longer be just a static billboard or research library. They need to be a human engagement engine for the new 2019 Self-Serve B2B Buyers. 

A Guide for Small Business Web Design

The Website Sales Funnel:

Support a deeper buyer journey and ‘better buyer experience’ for your target audience.

Design and serve custom experiences for your buyer types and, depending on the level of marketing automation integration, for individual buyers. 

Your B2B website should also support a deeper buyer journey allowing the user to go farther into the shopping/designing experience with options to customize and experiment.

A website sales funnel is a visual metaphor for the path taken by a potential targeted customer as they move towards becoming a customer.

Small Business Web Design and Strategies for Improved B2B Buyer Engagements.

Create a More Human Online Experience.

The current iteration of digital B2B buyer wants to be part of your story, to share your organization’s larger mission or impact.  They want to be engaged with personalized, value-charged content that justifies the investment of their time – to take a journey with you. They want a more human online experience.

Focus on B2B Buyer Engagement.

Your marketing automation outreach will no longer be an extended ad or promotional campaign. It will serve content that reminds your audience that they are missing out on being part of your story. Promotions and reminders will make it easier for them to participate.

Align Marketing Efforts with Business Strategy.

We will help you change the perception of digital marketing from a necessary but opaque expense into a strategic activity with tools that help align and focus efforts and spend on the most pressing business needs.

B2B Buyer Segmentation and Research.

We will work with your sales and operations teams to identify your current and ideal buyer-types and build out profiles for each that allow you to more granularity understand how to engage with them.

Generate Great Stories.

We will help you stop telling people about products and services. Together, our teams will include buyers in adventures that involve your organization, it’s products, and it’s services. We will help you write value-charged content that creates lasting memories for your potential buyers.

Refine Story Placement.

One we know who your buyers are, we can more accurately place content where they can find and engage with it. We will promote your stories on the digital channels where your buyers live.

Meet Established Goals.

In the end, the success of a marketing program comes down to meeting established goals. If those goals align with business objectives; for example, increasing participation from a segment more inclined to buy a specific service, then the program must be designed to capture and report those results. Our web analytics offering can be configured to do just that.

CMS Web Content Management.

We can help teach you how to grow your business online. Using our CMS Content Management and Digital Marketing Website by Envision. Your marketing team can manage content, and track customer website engagement and analytics.

Web Site Search Engine Optimization Strategies.

  • Tracking Website Analytics and Gathering Market Intel:
  • You will be able to view website traffic and visitor behaviors.
  • Gather marketing intelligence from Google Analytics and Bing Analytics.
  • Find out where new business leads are coming from, and what content is resonating with buyers.



Our vision is to provide every client with web design that is rich in product information, maximizes their online presence, and generates quality inbound leads.  Your web design should increase revenues and continue to grow business long after the website is launched.


Envision's team of strategic thinkers, content creators, graphic designers, innovative SEO specialists and programmers are fully integrated with the one common goal. That common goal is to provide clients the best marketing solutions that meet your mission and exceed goals.


Each web design is relatively unique. Some focus on a single measurement criterion, and others on larger number of goals. The crucial take on success is that our web design meets or exceeds your defined set of measurement criteria for your website.

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