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5 reasons why SEO is critical to the success of eCommerce sites.

SEO is critical to the success of eCommerce sites is simple. They need it to get more customers to maximize eCommerce profitability.

1. Organic Search is a top source of eCommerce Revenues

Organic search will rank as one of your top sources of revenue. For many eCommerce businesses, Google search results drives the majority share of profits-generating website traffic.

The leading digital influence of consumer purchasing decisions starts with “search”.  People use search to self-educate and then make purchasing decisions based the all the facts they gathered.

2. Visibility is a key factor and crucial for eCommerce website sustainability

eCommerce marketers who put off SEO are at risk of not losing their online visibility. The net result of lower search rank is fewer visitors and sales start to go off a cliff.  Chances are customers will have been lost to competitors who keep up and maintain their search engine optimization strategy.

3. Paid Search can get expensive and too expensive when sales dip

Paid search is good but can get expensive when over-relied on.  That is why having an SEO site is crucial. E-commerce site owners allocate a percentage of sales to an advertising budget.

A majority of their time (and small budget) is allocated to developing and implementing their organic search strategy. It is also important to add social media to the marketing mix but that is usually handled by an outside consultant.

4. The effects of Search Engine Optimization are long-lasting

When done right, SEO is a long-lasting investment that keeps on paying dividends. Its results are measurable, cost-effective and conversions can be measured. The long-term effects of a good search engine optimization program last a long time, unlike paid advertising that stops when ads stop running.

5. SEO for eCommerce continues to grow over time

Once you find out which keywords work best with your customers, it becomes magical. It is a gift that keeps giving. This is unlike other forms of marketing that have little or no effect after several months.


Search Engine Optimization is critical for the success of eCommerce websites. It is not an option. Make sure you have the resources and time allocated each week to work on your Search marketing strategy. Many e-commerce sites use an outside consultant to manage their search strategy on an ongoing basis.

Envision can help you. We are search engine optimization consultants and are available to create and manage your eCommerce search marketing program.

5 reasons why SEO is critical for success of ecommerce sites