The marketing word of the moment is Phygital.

The marketing word of the moment is Phygital.

Phygital is about blending the physical and the digital into the phygital.

by John David “JD” Woods

For more than a decade, we have watched buyers – indeed everyone, migrate from physical-first experiences toward digital-first experiences: from the mall to the eCommerce site, from the multiplex to Netflix and the couch.

Our reality; however, is that we are social beings, and we need physical places to go, physical experiences to share. To remain healthy we need to consume larger-than-screen experiences with friends and family.

Phygital describes a reverse migration from our current digital-first approach back toward physical experiences – digitally defined and enhanced physical experiences.

Think about your online profile preferences following you into a store, the “digital you” there by your side.

Think about that store lavishing you with layers of customized interactions (earn your favorite candy by solving puzzles/your reactions to an immersive adventure inform the favor profile of your perfect bottle of wine) all culminating on a roof garden where you can eat the fruit and candy from your custom basket and sip your perfect glass under a real moonrise.

The best marketing, right now, is about storytelling. As things get more phygital, it will be about story giving. Instead of describing value-charged moments to get your buyer’s attention, it will be about co-creating customized and value-charged moments that tie your customer to your brand with an emotional strength we can now only imagine.

Phygital is story giving.

Are you and your brand preparing to test the phygital waters?

John David

John David “JD” Woods
VP, Digital and Business Strategy

Envision Professional – eCommerce Logistics Consulting


Servicing Buyer 2.5 and beyond

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Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile

Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile

Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile

Includes strategies, insights, and customer examples for mastering “micro-moments” by Google.

Guide by Think With Google 

Lead Authors: Laura Adams, Elizabeth Burkholder, Katie Hamilton
Exec sponsors: Nicolas Darveau-Garneau, Lisa Gevelber, Matt Lawson
Research: Yili Chang, Yijia Feng, Sara Kleinberg
Case Studies: Tran Ngo
Editorial: Brianne Janacek Reeber
Production & Design: Leslee D’Antonio, Dain Van Schoyck


“Millennials? They’re really attached.
That little device by our sides is transforming our lives, whether we actively notice it or not. It’s enabling new ways of doing and learning things. It’s helping us discover new ideas and new businesses. It’s helping us manage our to-dos, tackle our problems, and inspire our plans.

Mobile search behavior is a good reflection of our growing reliance: in many countries, including the U.S., more searches take place on mobile devices than on computers.

Mobile is quickly becoming our go-to.
When we want or need something, we tune in via
convenient, self-initiated bursts of digital activity.
Take the oft-quoted stat that
we check our phones
150 times a day.

Pair it with another that says we spend 177 minutes on our phones per day and you get a pretty fascinating reality: mobile sessions that average a mere 1 minute and 10 seconds long, dozens and dozens of times per day. It’s like we’re speed dating with our phones.”

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